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Dan Martin, PGA Director of Instruction

Dan Martin, PGA Director of Instruction

Dan Martin is a Class-A PGA Professional and the Director of Instruction at Rustic Canyon GC. He has been coaching junior golfers for over 17 years. Dan is known as a “total-game” coach, specializing in helping his students develop focus, concentration, confidence, as well as solid golf technique. Dan has a unique ability to develop fun & engaging activities that make learning fun and provide deep and meaningful experiences. Many of Dan’s students now play collegiate golf at the University and Jr. College level. In 2008, Dan was elected the SCPGA Northern Chapter Junior Golf Leader and in 2011, Dan was selected as a Top 50 Kids Teacher by US Kids Golf.

Dan offers a unique swing development product called The PRO, which stands for Precise, Rotational, Orbit. The PROs unique design simplifies the learning process of the golf swing into one fluid motion founded in the principles of rotational physics. The PRO is a must own for anyone starting golf or trying to break years of bad habits.

us kids golf master teacherFees: 1 Hour – $150

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Rustic Canyon Golf Course
15100 Happy Camp Canyon Rd
Moorpark, CA 93021